Endossage Pelvic Pain Therapy System For Patients
Endossage OPT
The Endossage Pelvic Pain Therapy System for Patients was carefully developed for the ease and comfort of use in the privacy of your own home.

Patients can now self-administer therapy when clinical visits are inconvenient or no longer viable.

As an aid to clinicians, Endossage bridges the gap between clinical therapy and outpatient self care.

The ergonomic control was designed with a comfort grip and one handed access to all of the control functions.

The flexible neck allows the patient to remain in a reclined and relaxed posture while maintaining pressure on the areas targeted for therapy.

The flexible neck design is crucial for proper self-adminstered therapy.

This ergonomic design reduces or eliminates muscular tension that may work counter to the therapy technique.

The flexible neck also aids individuals with range of motion issues that can limit the usefulness of other devices.

Endossage Pelvic Pain Therapy System For Clinicians
Endossage IPT The Endossage Therapy System for Clinicians is designed for pelvic pain professionals to comfortably and gently treat symptoms of patients with a range of pelvic pain, gynecological, and urological disorders.

Clinicians using Endossage should experience less fatigue encountered with the repetitive motion of therapy sessions as well as, in some cases, encourage patient therapy participation where direct personal contact is undesirable.

The ergonomic control grip and angled attachment head allow the clinician the ability to apply the therapy comfortably and consistently while minimizing clinician effort.

The therapeutic motions are designed to mimic clinician physical manipulation as closely as possible.

Contact us about our clinical evaluation program if your practice would like to try the Endossage Therapy System on a no risk basis.

Endossage Trigger Point and Myofascial Release
Endossage Trigger Point and Myofacial Relea The Endossage Trigger Point and Myofascial Release product (Endossage TP) is for patients that require a more ergonomic and comfortable for trigger point self therapy.

Endossage TP allows patients a more gentle and, quite literally, flexible approach to trigger point release.

Various diameter attachments are made from a proprietary multi layered prosthetic silicone with a flexible semi rigid core. This more accurately mimics the feel of a human therapist while also allowing reach and angles that a therapist would find difficult to achieve.

The flexible neck allows patients to apply direction pressure in a relaxed position and is ideally suited for patients with range of motion or range of reach issues.

Attachments available with optional low-G vibration are controlled by a simple push button on the handle and powered by easily replaceable batteries.
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